Something to Smile About by Dr. Dennis Rothschild

These days, lots of dentists 'specialize' in cosmetic work. But claiming it and performing it professionally are often two different things. For one thing, it's a highly complicated area of expertise—requiring not only technical skill, but a keen artistic eye for color, shape, balance, and size. Furthermore, it requires excellent doctor-patient communication, since changes in your smile will affect you either positively or negatively for the rest of your life!
We take these concerns seriously. That's why we've invested the training time and technology needed to provide real help for people wishing to enhance their smiles. For example, we use a highly specific photographic analysis procedure to diagnose and plan the entire case up front, keeping you involved with each step. We talk with you about all kinds of things you probably never considered, but which will impact your final look: your facial shape, your gumline arches, the position, color, shape, size and relationships of your teeth, and the overall look and balance of your smile. Then we take professional quality photographs, assemble a diagnostic wax-up of your entire mouth, and create a working model to demonstrate precisely what you can expect. And in all of this, we evaluate the plan for both function and appearance. The result is a smile that you always dreamed of!